Avoid These 3 Mistakes from a Business that Went Under

Launching your own business may be the most exciting, rewarding thing you’ll ever do with your life. However, it’s also likely to be the most challenging. Not all businesses ultimately succeed, and some fail spectacularly because of missteps that are all too easy to make. That’s why your approach to not only overcoming mistakes, but avoiding them in the first place when possible is so important.

The following are some excellent examples of choices you definitely want to sidestep if you can.

  • Jumping In Without a Plan

When you’ve got a truly good idea or a dream you can’t wait to pursue, it can be tempting to just jump right into things and get started without  thinking twice. Resist this urge. Successful businesses start with well-calculated, very detailed business plans, especially in regards to finances. How much will your startup cost be, as well as your projected cost of operation? What will your business structure entail, and how do you plan to generate working capital? All of these things need to be properly planned out before you launch.

  • Not Taking Advantage of Your Successes

When you’re the head of a new business, you can’t afford not to take advantage of occurrences like awesome press or lots of exposure from the right sources. Many business owners have made the mistake of taking a break or going on vacation right when things are really starting to pick up speed. Seize the golden opportunity to put your business on the map instead, and put in the effort right away. You don’t have to worry about overcoming mistakes you don’t make!

  • Banking on Passion to See You Through 

Being truly on fire for a really great idea is terrific. So is loving what you do and following your passion. Just know that passion isn’t necessarily going to last, nor will it be enough to make up for proper planning and an adequate understanding of what it’s really going to take to make your business work in the long run. In addition to a genuine love for the industry you’ll be going into, you’ll also need skill in management, bookkeeping, team leading, and customer service. 

In the end, discipline, perseverance, and a knack for overcoming mistakes when you do make them are much more important than passion. Every entrepreneur has days they’re so stressed out, they can hardly remember why they opened their businesses in the first place. Fully evaluating the staying power of your idea before forging ahead can help keep you on track when the going gets rough. You’ll be glad you did.


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