How to Grow Your Practice With Healthcare Financing

JPL Capital Funding Solutions cares about getting your healthcare practice the financing it needs to take its next major step forward. Whether you’re a chiropractor, veterinarian, dentist or general practitioner, healthcare financing has many applications and benefits. Here’s what you should know.

Benefits We Offer

When you get financing from JPL Capital Funding Solutions, you have access to a variety of great benefits. Some of those include:

  • No upfront payments
  • No personal credit bureau reporting
  • Terms up to 72 months
  • Use funds for multiple purposes

Medical Equipment Leasing

One way you can use your new healthcare financing is to rent the equipment your practice needs. Medical equipment is often expensive and buying it outright can be cost prohibitive. We offer multiple payment options for your medical leasing needs and qualified practices can get up to 50% of soft costs covered.

Practice Acquisitions

Growing your practice sometimes means buying out a partner or acquiring a new practice. The upfront cost of this means having plenty of working capital, which we at JPL Capital Funding Solutions can provide.

Debt Consolidation

When you deal with multiple monthly payments with varying interest rates, consolidating your debt can be a huge stress reliever. Apply now and you could be approved within 24 hours.

Our financial experts are ready to help you grow your healthcare practice. Contact our office today to find out more.